Tuesday; An Art Project                 
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Tuesday; An Art Project       

4:1, Seventh Issue: Spring 2010

Tuesday Issue 3:1, Spring 2009

      In this Issue . . .  
      Rowan Ricardo Phillips Grief and the Imaginary Grave, Vol 2:
Red Trillium
      Tsar Fedorsky Self Portraits
      Campbell McGrath Fog
      Stephen Sturgeon
Cassini Recalled
      Charles Simic
Scribbled in the Dark
      Martin Rock The Very Air That is Breathed
      Megan M. Garr Quietus, supplies
      Jeffrey Thomson Yequon (Adam & Eve)
      Burt Kimmelman Late January Morning
      Rebecca Seiferle Untitled
      Samuel Mead Epiphany
      Dan O'Brien Black Pool
      Anthony Madrid A Man Has Two Hands He Feels Things
      Faisal Siddiqui The Immigrant
      John M. Anderson Outing CIA Agent Valerie Plame
      Ailish Hopper
The Crooked Hour
      Lisa Nold
The Fly Fear
      Jeffrey H. Hayes
Moon Wreck
Featured Poem

Scribbled in the Dark

A shout in the street.
Someone locking horns with his demon.
Then, calm returning.
The wind tousling the leaves.
The birds in their nests
Pleased to be rocked back to sleep.
Night turning cool.
Streams of blood in the gutter
Waiting for sunrise.

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